Buying Second Hand Home Furniture keeps costs low but it doesn’t have to mean an unfashionable living space. Combining new and old pieces can make your home look amazing.

If you find the right piece of furniture it can make your space alluring. Couple it with a modern rug and sleek light and “Walla” your house is a home.


A gorgeous Chest of Drawers from one of our recent Auctions


Some tips for Decorating with Second Hand Home Furniture purchased on Auction:

1. Get some ideas of what you’d like your space from Pinterest or Instagram. Whether it’s a minimalistic, traditional or contemporary look- create a vision for your space.
-Create a board on Pinterest or a Collection on Instagram

2. Decide which elements you’d like to purchase new: you could decide to buy certain electronics new like TV’s or washing machines. However you may decide that you would like to purchase second hand electronics, it all depends on the type of buyer you are. You may spot something you’ve always wanted at one of our online auctions, like a flashy chandelier or an Nguni-cow-hide mat- this is something that may typically be out of your price range, but something within reach now that it’s on auction. 

3. Shop the second hand home furniture, electronics and other items that we have on offer:

Some more information about buying items through AuctionPro: 

Every week we host Online Auctions where you can find unique pieces to light your living space up. We’ve sold Chandeliers, Art by renowned South African artists, second hand home furniture and appliances.

Are you new to AuctionPro? Here’s a handy guide to how buying works at AuctionPro: How to buy

Every week we add new items to our auction. Our Auctions close at 8pm on Thursday, so make sure you’ve put in a good bid before then and then- watch and see if you’ve made the winning bid.

Wondering how to get your item? We do arrange transport for our clients- here is a guide to how much we charge for transporting your goods and how it works: Transport needed?