Viewing time is on Wednesday from 1-5 pm

Buying through AuctionPro is simple:

Fill in a registration form at the office. We need contact details and ID’s from customers. Buyers can register for either a day buyers number which is for one auction only. Regular customers can register for a permanent buyers number, which lasts for a minimum of three months.

  1. Buyers are required to pay a deposit before being issued with a number. A day buyer deposit is fully refundable, permanent buyer deposits are refunded with a deduction of R100 for administration costs.
  2. Use the Buyer Number that has been assigned to you to bid on any items that you wish to purchase. AuctionPro staff will be on hand to assist new buyers or to answer any questions you may have.
  3. When you are finished buying hand your number in at the office and pay your invoice. We have credit card facilities on site. We will not permit items to leave the premises without a paid invoice.
  4. Goods must be removed the same day of the auction.

Buyers T&C

  1. AuctionPro may sell goods on any platform or at any venue as they see fit. Goods may also be sold out of hand.
  2. All handling, transport, and storage of goods are at your own risk. Insurance to be paid and organized by the buyer.
  3. No goods to be removed from the premises unless they are paid for in full and detailed on an AuctionPro invoice.
  4. AuctionPro does not guarantee any goods, vehicles, or livestock whatsoever sold on auction.
  5. AuctionPro has the right to regulate the bidding and to withdraw any item at any time.
  6. A bid falling upon you is legally binding. Should you not pay within 24 hours, you are in default. The item/s NOT PAID for will be auctioned again at NO RESERVE.  Sellers and buyer’s commission will be due from the initial auction and sellers’ commission due to the second auction.  Any loss on said item/s will also be for your account, whether the item/s is paid for or not.
  7. AuctionPro is not responsible for any goods on display during the auction.
  8. Proof of identification and address to be produced for all transactions.
  9. Removal of items no later than 48 hrs after the auction. Any item left will be sold at no reserve or disposed of at your own expense. This condition is not applicable during the lockdown periods.
  10. Vehicle documents can only be collected at the auction office after the auction. A R300 documentation fee will be charged on vehicles with valid papers. Please register the vehicle within 48 hrs as we cannot entertain any problems after this, it will be between seller and buyer.
  11. The onus is on you to check at the office or on our website if the T&C has changed.
  12. By registering for our auction, you have agreed to our terms & conditions.

Deposits and Commissions

  • Day Buyers Deposit: R2 000
  • Permanent Buyers Deposit: R1 000
  • Buyers Commission: 15% on all purchases.
  • On-Site Auctions: Commission and Deposits to be Announce.

VAT is generally not applicable to second-hand goods. In cases where VAT is applicable, this will be announced by the auctioneer beforehand