Viewing time is Wednesday 2-6pm

Buying through AuctionPro is as simple as selling:

  1. Fill in a registration form at the office. We require all your contact details as well as proof of identification. Buyers can register for either a Day Buyers Number which is for one auction only, or those who are regular customers can register for a Permanent Buyers Number which lasts for a minimum of three months.
  2. Buyers are required to pay a deposit before being issued with a number. A day buyer deposit is fully refundable, permanent buyer deposits are refunded with a deduction of R100 for administration costs.
  3. Use the Buyer Number that has been assigned to you to bid on any items that you wish to purchase. AuctionPro staff will be on hand to assist new buyers or to answer any questions you may have.
  4. When you are finished buying hand your number in at the office and pay your invoice. We have credit card and internet transfer facilities on site. No items will be allowed to leave the premises without a paid invoice.
  5. Goods must be removed same day.

Deposits and Commissions

  • Day Buyers Deposit: R2 000
  • Permanent Buyers Deposit: R1000
  • Buyers Commission: 12.5% on all purchases.
  • On-Site Auctions: Commission and Deposits to be Announce.

VAT is generally not applicable second-hand and goods. In cases where VAT is applicable, this will be announced by the auctioneer beforehand.