Cars on auction

Buying cars on auction:

Buying a car on auction will generally be cheaper than buying a second-hand car. One can find impressive deals on specialty vehicles like trucks, bakkies and 4x4s.

A day or two before the auction, you’re able to view it. AuctionPro hosts viewing between 1pm and 5pm on Wednesday, one day before their auction that takes place on Thursday.

How thoroughly you’re able to inspect the vehicle, depends on the auction house. Clients aren’t able to climb into the vehicle, but they are able to look at the exterior of the vehicles.

AuctionPro will start vehicles on the day of auction, so clients can see that cars are running.

AuctionPro’s policy on buying cars on auction is as follows. The client has three days to check the paperwork, AuctionPro can assist with change of ownership. We charge a R350 to inspect the document fee. Clients can also return the vehicle within three days.

The best tactic is to know what you’re looking for, visit the auction house a couple of times. Once you find the vehicle you’re looking for, place a bid and make sure you’re not outbid.

Things that you’ll want to consider:

  1. Look how much mileage the vehicle has. AuctionPro publishes pictures of their cars on auction every week, along with pictures of the vehicle, we also publish an image of vehicle statistics including: vehicle condition, mileage, make and model, whether the vehicle has papers(see image below).
  2. Use a reputable auction house like AuctionPro- they have reviews on Google and Facebook.

On the plus side you’re in control of the price you want to pay.

cars on auction cars on auction cars on auction cars on auction

Why to sell cars on auction:

  1. Quick sale
  2. Faster turnaround
  3. Get the price you want. You might think that you may be cut short if you sell your vehicle at auction, but the opposite is true. Some auction houses will set a reserve price on the vehicle for you, so if for instance you’re looking for at least R50 000 for the vehicle, we won’t let it go for below that. AuctionPro is happy to set reserve prices for their vehicles.