3 Ways To Reduce Waste At Home-Shopping for goods through an auction can help reduce waste and plastic in the environment.

  1. Sell your goods through auction– instead of throwing away items that you aren’t using. You’ll get some cash for your items whilst helping the environment. After all, the item you’re selling is going to someone who really wants it, instead of perishing in a pile of waste.

Buy auctioned goods- unlike shopping at the mall, your items will not be packaged in single-use plastic. You’ll buy something which may have ended in a landfill had the owner not decided to auction it.

Auctioning your car is another one of 3 ways to reduce waste at home- Instead of selling your car through a dealership, where they’re likely to place a big plastic bow around the vehicle for the new recipient – sell it at auction. The new driver will drive it directly home, there won’t be any test drives- reducing CO² emmissions. If you have a car that’s not working, sell it at auction; auction houses will notify prospective buyers that the vehicle is a non-runner.

  1. Get waste removal services to collect your recyclables or find a local church/organisation that collects recyclables. By separating and collecting recyclables each month, you reduce your carbon footprint. Thus  improving your impact on the earth. And in donating your recycling to an organisation or church, you’re also doing something great for your community. Happy recycling!
  2. Make ecobricks. There are many different methods to making an ecobrick, here is a complete guide. You can reuse styrofoam, straws and packaging to create your own ecobrick and fill it. Ecobricks are great because they reuse plastic that would otherwise be unrecyclable.