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online auctions south africa
online auctions south africa

ONLINE Auction

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Every Monday – Closes Thursday Evening


Online Auctions
If you’re looking to buy used goods- online,  you’ve come to the right place. Auctionpro is one of the top Online Auction sites in South Africa. Each week we host a timed  auction which closes at 8pm on Thursday evening. At our Online Auction site:  BidAuctionPro – you’ll find second hand home furniture and you can buy used appliances online. It’s the perfect place for buying used goods online. Get 

General Auction
Our General Auction takes place, in person, every Thursday at 10am. Our quality second hand furniture will turn your house into a home. We have couches, beds and tables.

Car Auctions
Our  General Auction is the perfect place to find a used, reliable car. Every week we host car auctions with a variety of vehicles- SUVs, sedands, hatchbacks. Sometimes we have vehicles that can be used for stripping, we even have agricultural and industrial vehicles on auction- like tractors, trailers, panel vans. 

How Our In-Person Auctions Work
In order to attend the auction, buyers need to pay an entrance fee and pay either a permanent deposit or a day-buyers deposit. Read our buying process explained for more information.

Selling Second Hand Goods Online

We also help sellers to sell their used goods. We have a massive market for sellers to sell their goods and we’re happy to help people get the prices that they want for their items. We charge a small commission fee for this service. Find how to sell used goods online.


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How to buy on AuctionPro?
How to sell on AuctionPro?
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